16 June 2007

MB questions ‘perfect score’ of state civil servants



Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan has cast doubts on the state’s civil service annual appraisal report exercise, as some staff had obtained almost perfect scores.

They received 99 out of the maximum 100 per cent.

Mohamad said there might be flaws in the exercise which among others, award five points to any civil servant who was also a national-level athlete. He, however, noted that the state had no one in that category.

"I am proud of the high achievers but I feel the appraisal should be done accordingly so that no one can question the results," he said at the 2006 Negri Sembilan administrative excellence awards ceremony here yesterday.

Also present was state Secretary Datuk Kamarudin Siaraf.

Earlier in his speech, Kamarudin had alluded to the fact that among the 4,098-strong state civil service, some obtained 99 per cent in their appraisal last year.

Expressing shock, he reminded heads of department to appraise their staff based on merit and work quality.

"That should be the right way and not favouritism or sympathy.

"From what I have seen, I am not sure if the reports meet the required standards that have been set, especially in the public delivery system."

Kamarudin said 2,733 employees obtained more than 85 per cent in their appraisals, with 318 receiving the excellence awards.

He said the good news was that none had obtained less than 50 per cent, which meant that everyone would be eligible for a salary increase.

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