18 June 2007

Sufficient appraisal guidelines given, says dept



The guidelines in the annual appraisal forms for civil servants are sufficient to help appraisers give objective assessment, the Public Service Department corporate and communication head, Hasniah Rashid, said yesterday.

She said the appraisals took into account many aspects, such as the employees’ annual work targets and output, leadership qualities, their personality and contributions to society.

It is up to the appraisers to evaluate their achievements.

Negri Sembilan Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan has cast doubts on the state’s civil service annual appraisal exercise, noting that some employees had obtained almost perfect scores.

He said while he was proud of the high achievers, the appraisal should be done in such a manner that no one could question the results.
Negri Sembilan state secretary Datuk Kamarudin Siaraf reminded heads of departments to appraise their staff according to merit and not to show favouritism.

Hasniah said civil servants, from the support group up to the highest level of management, were being evaluated using the same form.

"The bulk of the marks for the management and professional level is made up of their leadership qualities, like whether they can lead the department well," she said.

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