13 June 2007

When Diplomats behave like rotten UMNO politicians

Malaysia Today
By Al Haqeem SB, Dubai

I am a new Malaysian expatriate in UAE with a high expectation on our diplomatic staff in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. My previous experiences in other countries dealing with embassy and consulate staff are mixed but nothing like in the UAE.

The unfriendly attitude of the staff of Malaysian nationals towards fellow Malaysians is something to be checked with empathy by the Foreign Affairs ministry. It is shocking that as diplomats and being paid by rakyat, they are just behaving like rotten UMNO politicians by classifying Malaysians in UAE as ‘our camp’ and ‘others’.

The current chats on www.malaysian-uae.com show how deep are the chasms between the reclusive diplomats and the other Malaysian expatriates who do not belong to so-called ‘our camp’. Not only those who are assumed as not in ‘our camp’ being ignored as non-persona grata, not invited to their exclusive official makan-makan (funded by government) and but also cannot be seen mixing together in any activities.

Is apartheid still alive and kicking in our own society, even importing “Malaysian negative values’ abroad?

When some of us inquired about the pending return of one senior trade diplomat in Dubai, the information was withheld without any explanation as it was a secret mission. Farewell function was held and invitations as usual were only for those in ‘our camp’.

Some seniors here mentioned that most of the social and sport activities are organized by a group of Malaysian professionals without any contributions by our diplomats, either personal or official capacities. I was also informed that even invited as guests; these diplomats were directed by their almighty boss (ambassador) to keep away from ‘others’ activities.

According to my sources, this boss had the same stigma when he was in previous diplomatic assignment in Africa. He is just too proud of being a diplomat and presumably has his own class that avoids him from being friendly to other fellow Malaysians. He is only nice to people who is ‘higher’ in ranking even though most of times acting as a bag carrier or a tourist guide to these higher ranking officials or businessmen.

On the records, the boss has nothing to show for any positive contributions towards Malaysia-UAE relations. According to a former diplomat, when PM was here visiting in 2005, it was a diplomatic blunder by landing in Dubai, instead of Abu Dhabi as the capital city and more powerful emirate. There was no secret that PM was ignored at federal level due to this error of judgment and it seemed our diplomats were on holidays all this while.

With the ongoing 50 years independence celebration, it is very sad that our diplomats here are still conditioned by Malaysia’s political landscape. For God’s sake, they are diplomats with certain roles, responsibilities and missions to play especially for all Malaysians living and working in UAE and please leave their politic inclinations at home.

One of these diplomats dares to whisper that if they (diplomats) do not take care of ‘Malaysian oppositionists’ here, some rewards are waiting when they return to Malaysia such as job promotions and business deals.

This is ridiculous, moronic, plain dumb and out of this world’s mission.

The best is not only to replace these unworthy servants of rakyat, but also to punish them by sending them to rural areas to serve!

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