04 June 2007

GRADUATE TEACHERS’ PAY SCALES: Sacrifice that meant nothing


Sdab, Johor

Teachers who bettered themselves by getting degrees seem to have been left behind in pay increments.

I REFER to the letter by teacher V.L. of Klang ("Grads deserve a better deal" — NST, May 25).

This may be another sad story from a teacher racing to upgrade herself (to be a graduate teacher) for the betterment of the future generation.

I share this story with other teachers who are in the same boat.

The recent announcement on the pay hike for civil servants (including teachers) has brought a big question mark: Are we, the DG29 (with 10 years or more service who missed DG32), who are now in DG41, ever considered? Never.
We are not even in the picture of anyone in any position of authority.

I dare say that we are a bunch of dedicated teachers.

Once upon a time, we sacrificed a lot to get hold of the scroll which we thought promised us better pay.

Alas, today, when we calculate our increment, we are far behind our colleagues.

There are more than five DG29 teachers in my secondary school with 10 years or more service who have been promoted to DG32 (time-based).

They will get RM500 more in their increments.

Another group involves young teachers with 10 years’ experience in DG41 who are waiting to be promoted to the DG44.

We, on the other hand, are teachers from DG29 who are now in DG41, with 18 years of service.

We do most of the work in school but have to be happy with a 15 per cent hike.

We lost our seniority in the process of upgrading ourselves by becoming graduate teachers.

We get the lowest pay now in school.

Someone in the Education Ministry must look into our case.


Abukabir said...

How very strange! Believe it or not that's the situation of the day. You were once encouraged to better yourself in the qualification aspect, but no promises were made as to what would be the reward of your effort. Maybe teachers in the same boat like you are statistically too few to give any adverse effect on the result of the next election uh??

Lowest paid grad-teacher said...

To all teachers in Malaysia,
Do not further study when you are teaching in the school, do not read any books other than PTK books, do not upgrade yourself other than wait for time-based promotion. Sijil holder can be upgraded to diploma automatically and pay rise is higher than degree holder.This is only happen in Malaysia, 3 years of diploma study and 4 for degree go to drain.So be a mediocre as the country moving towards 2020 in BN (Barang Naik) era. *Pls sms this to all your fellow teachers, to remind them not to repeat our mistake.