06 June 2007

Scheming at Selangor land office

The Star

KUALA LANGAT: Some land office employees are hiding applications for land, with the aim of grabbing prime land for themselves.

Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohammad Khir Toyo said the matter came to light when aggrieved parties submitted complaint letters, complete with evidence, to him.

“We have learnt that such cases occurred in Hulu Selangor and Kuala Langat where certain employees well versed in land matters hid the original applications.

“After some months they submit a new application with names of family members to get the same plot of land,” he said at a morning gathering with civil servants here yesterday.

An incensed Dr Khir said the culprits would be sacked if three complaints were made against them.

He told civil servants gathered at the Dewan Seri Jugra in Telok Datok that, in Dubai, if an officer received three complaints against him, he would be sacked.

“If I were to do this here, there might be no one left (in the government departments),” he said.

However, Dr Khir said he wanted those involved in such irresponsible acts to repent.

Meanwhile, he said the recent salary increase for civil servants was generous and he wanted all civil servants in Selangor to improve the delivery system and be transparent.

“We do want civil servants who look for solutions instead of sweeping things under the carpet. Discard the tidak apa attitude,” he said.

Dr Khir also advised Selangor assemblymen to submit infrastructure requirements as the state planned to allocate RM10mil for each constituency.

“We also want the assemblymen to reach out to the community and identify those who are living below the poverty line so we can offer them aid,” he said.

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