07 June 2007

Retirement Age: Sheer waste of human potential


By:Samuel Yesuiah

THANKS to the government for the pay rise for civil servants. It was indeed wonderful news for them.

It will definitely increase productivity in the delivery and services sector.

Before the announcement of the pay rise by the prime minister, Cuepacs made another proposal of extending the retirement age of all civil servants.

When the pay rise was announced, there was no mention of the extension of the retirement age.

In the euphoria of the excitement and celebration of the pay rise, the retirement age proposal was forgotten. Cuepacs, too, did not pursue this matter any further.
Has the government rejected the idea or is it still studying the proposal?

Many senior people have been looking forward eagerly for this decision so that they can continue working with the government till they are 60.

The life expectancy of Malaysians has risen to 75. It is a sheer waste of human potential and capital to retire them at 56.

I hope the prime minister will have another piece of good news with regard to the extension of the retirement age of civil servants during the budget report in September.

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