14 September 2007

13/09: Dewan Rakyat: ‘No cables, no promotions’


New Straits Times

A BACKBENCHER has called on the inspector-general of police to set up a task force to investigate promotions in the force.

Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing (BN-Bintulu) said yesterday policemen who hoped to move up the ranks had to have connections with Bukit Aman.

"You must have cables or you will not move up. The connections ensure you move up the ladder even if you are not performing," he said during the debate on the budget.

An officer in Sibu who was a non-performer was promoted elsewhere, alleged Tiong, who earlier this year caused a stir by claiming Sarawak police could not control the many gangs in the state.

He said the man who replaced this officer was a good man, but his work had been hampered.

"There are files opened by the previous officer. But when the new man tried to do his job, he found the files empty with victims’ reports missing."

Speaking on detention without trial, he said: "I find that buang daerah (restricted residence) does little to prevent crime.

"The crooks move to new locations and carry on. They continue with their illegal activities. The police, in all probability, know about this but do nothing."

S.K. Devamany (BN-Camer- on Highlands) concurred. "I can vouch for this.

"In my area there are some bad hats placed in restricted residence. They attend temple functions and make trouble. The police know about them but little is being done about it."

Datuk Mohd Said Yusof (BN-Jasin) said some people in the underworld were getting away because they had connections with the "top brass".

He had heard of cases where police raided discos and seized certain items.

"But the next day, the bad hats were back in business."

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