15 July 2007

Speed up delivery of health services

The Star

THERE is only one main hospital in Perak that can cater to the needs of the entire population of the state.

Generally, people in Perak are warded at Ipoh General Hospital when their cases cannot be handled at a district hospital and when they need the services of specialist clinics.

They are also sent to the general hospital when they need specialised tests to be run. There is seldom a time when the wards are not crowded or when the specialist clinic is empty.

When a sick person has to obtain any services at the general hospital, it is many a time a daunting experience.

My elderly mother went to do her cystoscopy test the Unit Rawatan Harian (Daily Treatment Unit) last week.

She had already made an appointment and was at the ward at 8.35am.

By the time her turn came, it was four hours later!

I wonder what is the cause of the delay.

Is there not enough specialists, facilities or is it attributed to a badly planned schedule?

Such inefficiency must stop. Such delays are also common at other specialist clinics; one always has to wait a long time to seek treatment.

Malaysia can achieve all sorts of feats to get into the record book, yet basic health services are deplorable.

If a sick person in Malaysia has to spend almost a whole day to get treatment in a general hospital, the system must be revamped.


Batu Gajah, Perak.

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