20 July 2007

Days of police constables, sergeants numbered


POH: The police force is working on a scheme to recruit more people which will eventually see the end of lower ranks. The plan calls for cadets to be taken in only for the rank of inspector and above.

Federal police management director Datuk Ismail Omar said the move was part of the force’s five-year programme which targeted an enrolment of 50,000 personnel.

"Under the new scheme, the force is not going to accept new cadets any more and will only go for inspectors.

"There is no longer any need for constables as inspectors can do the jobs constables do. This will allow them to gain more experience."

On another matter, Ismail said the government had given the nod for the force to acquire an unused hotel with 4.45ha of land in Langkawi.

He said the hotel and land would be rebuilt and converted into a training centre for the force.

He said the force was negotiating with the state government over the issue.

Ismail was speaking after witnessing a ceremony in which Datuk Zulkifli Abdullah took over as state police chief from acting chief Datuk Hadi Ho Abdullah.

Zuklifli, 47, formerly the Kelantan police chief, said he had directed all district police chiefs to hold consultations with groups in their areas to assess residents’ fears and concerns.

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