19 July 2007

Retirees to get higher pension payments


PUTRAJAYA: Government retirees will receive higher pension in line with the salary hike for civil servants.

A statement from the Public Service Department said the percentage of increasewould be similar to serving employees.

Pensioners who are paid through the bank will receive the adjusted rate from July 20.

Those who are paid by warrants will receive additional warrants to make up the difference before the end of the month.

The statement, issued yesterday, said calculations and explanatory notes are available at the department’s website, www.jpa.gov.my.
A “PSD Meet the Clients” session will also be held on July 27 where pensioners can get further explanations on the increase.

This will be held at the Lobby Level, Block C2, Public Service Department, Federal Administrative Centre, Putrajaya, from 8am to noon.

Net-savvy pensioners can also get more information through online chats via www.jpa.gov.my between 8am and noon.

For more information, call the PSD headquarters at 03-8885-4906.

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