20 July 2007

Delivery System: Surprised by speed of service


I HEARTILY echo the praise extended by C.P. Loh of Taiping to the Immigration Department ("Syabas to efficient service with a smile" — NST, July 13).

Yes, the service provided by the department especially at Block F, Pusat Bandar Damansara, continues to improve.

Everyone is talking about it being the model for good service by the civil service.

My daughter managed to renew her passport in less than two hours on June 27 though I had envisaged a waiting period of at least half a day.

It was obtained via a vending machine manned by staff who were courteous, patient and very motivated.
Most importantly, they were helpful in guiding the customers facing an unfamiliar machine for the first time.

Their calm approach put everyone at ease.

Everyone is aware that passport offices have drawn flak from the public as there is always a large crowd for passport applications or renewal.

But in my case, it was definitely a breeze and I was told that this would be the practice as the country moved towards a more efficient public service.

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