06 August 2007

VSS goodbyes: Even the good will act bad


HOW the government seems to pamper civil servants, even the bad eggs. Why would anyone want to pay civil servants to leave the service if they are not performing? Haven’t they heard of the words "you’re fired"?

According to your report of Aug 3, the chief secretary to the government said such a scheme could be modelled on those used in the private sector.

Please be aware that the private sector exercises VSS schemes when downsizing, not to get rid of bad performers.

For bad performers, the exit policy is to tell them they have no future in the organisation and that they will have to resign, failing which a disciplinary board hearing will be conducted. Period.

Pamper the bad eggs and those acceptable performers who want to leave early with a cash windfall will start acting bad, just so they can take a cash-enriched VSS exit.

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