10 May 2007

Hardship allowance ‘to make a difference’


Mohd Zulkarnain Abdul Wahab, from Terengganu, was one of the teachers who helped his rural students achieve 100 per cent pass rate in the SPM exams last year.
Mohd Zulkarnain Abdul Wahab, from Terengganu, was one of the teachers who helped his rural students achieve 100 per cent pass rate in the SPM exams last year.

KOTA KINABALU: If the new hardship allowance for rural teachers comes his way, Yen Vi Leong will get a set of tyres for his faithful four-wheel-drive vehicle.

"It is a good incentive for teachers to strive harder and it will lighten their burden," said this teacher of a primary school in Inanam.

"Whether or not I get it, is secondary, because I know there are others who live in worse conditions."

Yen noted that an officer from the Education Department had assessed the school earlier this year.

"It is deemed a remote school because there is no health clinic here, no public transportation and no sealed road."
Hence, the 4WD, which he inherited from his family in Tenghilan, has been crucial in getting him to and fro SK Poring-Poring, where he teaches.

The school, 20 km from Inanam town, is accessible by an uphill dirt road and only when the weather permits.

The allowance, up to RM1,500 a month, will be paid from this month.

The amount each teacher gets depends on the location of the school and other criteria, such as road accessibility, transportation risk, availability of water, electricity, sanitation and health services.

The Education Ministry is now determining the classifications.

The allowance is one of the steps taken by the government to get more teachers to serve in remote areas.

It is aimed at making life more comfortable for teachers like Mohd Zulkarnain Abdul Wahab and Che Fatimah Che Mamat.

Fresh out of university and with a burning desire to teach, Zulkarnain left Terengganu four years ago, not knowing what to expect.

On reaching here in September 2003 Zulkarnain was informed he was posted to SMK Terusan Sugut in Beluran, a location so remote he had to consult a map — and tucked in the northeastern part of Sabah.

That same morning he endured a five-hour drive to reach the town, 300km from here and two more hours by boat, braving the choppy Sungai Labuk and Sungai Sugut rivermouths which front the Sulu Sea.

"It was 7.30pm when I arrived at the village. It was dark as there was no electricity here and it was the dry season, so I had to bathe in the river," said Zulkarnain, 28, who teaches mathematics.

The rivermouth island depends on rainwater for clean water supply and electricity is supplied through a diesel-powered generator, with supplies on every alternate day.

"I admit those were trying times but after about two months I got over it," he said.

Another challenge came after he married his university sweetheart, Che Fatimah Che Mamat, 27, on June 1, 2005.

Che Fatimah was teaching in Terengganu; it was only a year later that she got a transfer to join her husband in Terusan Sugut, a fishing village occupied by 100 families.

She, too, endured a major obstacle about seven months ago. "I was about to give birth and was given permission to return to my hometown for the delivery.

"That night, when we were supposed to leave, the school boat could not start and we had to hitch a ride on board a fisherman’s boat.

"For two hours, I endured a bumpy ride and only God knows my pain and my fears for the baby."

Luckily, Che Fatimah and Zulkarnain made it safely to Sandakan. They flew back to Kuala Terengganu, in time, for the birth of a healthy baby boy.

Any regret so far? "The only transfer I am willing to accept would be back to Terengganu. Otherwise, we are happy to be here," she said.

The two, with 16 other teachers and their principal, Murukesu Margapandu, were responsible for guiding their Form Five students to achieving 100 per cent passes in the SPM examination last year.

The achievement was also made special when one of the students, Jamri Undang, emerged as the best student in the district here with 9As.


Anonymous said...

I don't know why is the ministry being so insensitive and inconsiderate to post a young female teacher to such a place. I was one of the unfortunate souls. Is it to entertain those male teachers over there?we are teachers and not whores.KPM..PLEASE BE CONSIDERED!

Anonymous said...

**considerate** :)

Anonymous said...

The hardship allowance would not make any difference by any means, if the teachers lose their lifes.What would happen if a murder or a rape takes place? News from outside would not come inside that place neither do the news about that place. Some government servants prioritise security and safety and not merely comfort. Some people working in the air conditioned rooms in Putrajaya are such heartless cruel assholes that they don't understand or know about the real situation. When the unlikely things like death or rape takes place they just take it as a topic of discussion to laugh at and to merely spend their time in their air-conditioned comfortable offices. Shame on you all!! Pathetis and disgustig government officers!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

God knows the truth. All you lazy heartless people, you will pay for your disgusting thoughts and deeds very soon. SHAME ON YOU ALL!!!
Evil won't win always!!!
Wait for the day of the judgment and there you go suffering in hell for eternity! Stupid government officers! Why aren't you people not afraid of God???? You people must be the slaves of devil..no wonder you all act in such a despicable manner!! You people are so old..but shame on you all since you aren't wise and matured enough than people who are younger than you all...I really curse you people with all my agonies that you people have given me....everyone who hurt my feelings and who were responsible for my sufferings would pay for it!!!I CURSE YOU ALL..INCLUDING THAT INDIAN BITCH WHO WORKS IN THE EDUCATION DEPARTMENT IN DAMANSARA!!

Anonymous said...


NOTE: To other people who have read this, pardon me for my harsh language as it obviously reflects how much i was abused and tormented by the government officers in the name of buerocracy and unafairness. I almost went insane and had gone suicidal because of their constant ill-treatments. Look what have some of the ruthless government officers have done in the lives of some poor people until i went mad and miserable until i hated every single government servants that i see. I am slowly recovering from my mental illness anyway and just want to voice out the unfairness and ill-treatments that i received from the people in the KPM. If any authority comes across this..please please do something to rectify this issue as it involves the lifes and the future of many young people around Malaysia!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anoymous,
I feel so sorry for you. Government officer's aka dickheads always act like that since those days. I can see that you had gone through alot because of their stupidity. They themselves wont go and stay in such a place. Don't worry.My prayers are with you. I am also an indian and i feel so ashamed to be one because of some indian bastards like that. I think that indian lady who works in that education office must be a pariyah dog. don't worry friend. you will be alright.besides, God will always stay with good people like us no matter how much we suffer.Wish you all the best and good luck.Keep sending the appeal letters k.Don't give up! :)