11 December 2007

Civil servants won’t be assessed based on exams

The Star

KUALA LUMPUR: Civil servants can expect some good news next month when the Efficiency Level Assessment (PTK) for civil servants will be revamped.

Cuepacs president Omar Osman said the PTK would no longer be based on exams.

For civil servants from grades 1 to 16, there will be no exams; while for grades 17 to 43, their performance will be assessed from courses and seminars that they attend instead of exams.

Omar told reporters that he had received the briefing from the Public Services Department recently and the circular on it would be issued in January.

He was speaking after the Prime Minister opened Cuepacs’ 24th triennial convention here yesterday.

Omar said he was happy that almost 80% of what Cuepacs had asked for was being considered.

At the opening, he asked the Prime Minister for a 50th Merdeka gift for civil servants in the form of RM2,000 honorarium for each of the 1.2 million civil servants.

He said the civil servants were happy with their recent pay increases and accepted the Government’s decision not to pay bonuses this year.

However, Omar said that an honorarium would help civil servants to cope with rising prices, especially when the school terms begin.

“We are requesting it but we are not demanding,” he said.

Omar added that the honorarium would cost the Government RM2bil compared to giving out a bonus which would cost RM4bil.

Omar also said the retirement age for civil servants should be extended to between 58 and 60 as the present retirement age of 56 was too early.

He said civil servants were marrying later these days and their children were still in school when they retired.

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