10 July 2007

Stop passing the buck, Deputy Minister tells district education departments

The Star

TANJUNG KARANG: Resolve school disciplinary cases and not pass the buck to the Education Department, that's the message for all district education departments from Deputy Education Minister Datuk Noh Omar.

He said some district departments had been sending cases to the ministry without even calling for the parties involved.

“We are seeing officers who just want to wash their hands off the matter.

“Officers should call the headmaster, teachers, parent-teacher association, parents and students involved and resolve the case,” he said here on Tuesday.

Noh said district departments were vested with executive powers to summon school employees and officers dealing with indiscipline.

“There is no reason for the officers to push the cases to the Ministry,” he added.

He said all avenues in resolving the disciplinary cases must be exhausted before the matter could be referred to the Ministry.

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