12 July 2007

Thanks to Immigration officer for good service

The Star

I LOST my Malaysian passport in Thailand on June 16. I went to the Immigration Department at Damansara to report the loss and to apply for a new one.

I submitted the necessary documents but they were not in order, as I did not have the translation of the Thai police report with me. Mohd Erwan Adha received the incomplete documents and gave me time to get the police report translated. He told me to go to the Thai Embassy to do so.

I submitted the translated report on June 26 and on that day Erwan was on leave. However, he took the trouble to call me on my cell phone to arrange for an interview when I was free.

When I went for the interview, the gentleman conducted the interview with professional courtesy.

I wish to thank him and his department for the great service. People normally complain about the Immigration Department but I think they are wonderful and professional people. Thanks, and keep up the good work.


Kuala Lumpur.

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