14 July 2007

PSD recognises online doctorates

The Star

Those holding postgraduate qualifications obtained through online classes and distance-learning programmes from foreign universities can now apply for better-paying jobs in the civil service.

These include those who obtained Masters or PhD degrees through external, franchise or twinning programmes with foreign institutions.

Public Service Department (PSD) director-general Tan Sri Ismail Adam said the Government decided on the new ruling following advancements made in the education sector.

This also means that those already in the public sector with such qualifications would be considered for promotions.

“Previously, those with such qualifications were not considered for promotions as we wanted them to complete their postgraduate studies on a full-time basis. Under this new ruling, they do not have to be studying full-time,” he said in a circular.

However, Ismail said that to be eligible for promotions they should have a basic degree recognised by the Government.

“If they do not have this, then their postgraduate qualifications obtained online or (through) distance learning would not mean anything,” he said.

He said postgraduate students must also ensure that the programmes they pursued at private universities were accredited by the National Accreditation Board, and that the foreign institutions are recognised by the PSD.

“They can also check with the foreign mission of that country in Malaysia, or with our own embassy or high commission in that country,” he said.

Ismail said public universities wishing to hire lecturers would be exempted from the new ruling.

“If the prospective candidate does not have a first degree or holds one not recognised by the Government but has other post-graduate qualifications, universities could still consider them to fill vacancies for lecturers,” he added.

He said the PSD also decided that the status of Master of Engineering holders from British universities would be similar to those holding first degrees in the same field.

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