28 April 2009

WISMA PUTRA RANKING: Pick diplomats of highest calibre


IT is interesting to note that Wisma Putra (Foreign Ministry) has been ranked the lowest among all government departments ("Works only ministry to get 5-star rating" -- (NST, April 22). It was listed with three stars at No. 15, the lowest, whereas the highest with a five-star rating was the Works Ministry.

Wisma Putra should look into improving its effectiveness at the top. Shouldn't the role of ambassadors be reviewed? Shouldn't the posting of diplomats in prominent world cities like Tokyo, Paris and London be held by eminent persons?

I'm sure there are many capable personalities from the academic, media or corporate sectors with a helicopter view and holistic approach who can make a difference in foreign policy than diplomats who are inward-looking as a result of an inbreeding culture.

I am against politicians being appointed as ambassadors, for obvious reasons.

I think Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak would like a new approach in the handling of foreign policy instead of merely taking care of VVIPs and their children overseas. Our diplomats must be competent enough to face the challenges of the new leadership.
The Foreign Ministry's secretary-general must see to it that only the best diplomats are posted abroad. They are our first line of defence and selection should not be based on nepotism and cronyism. The nation's interests must prevail over personal interests.


Anonymous said...

PTD officers in Wisma Putra should be ashamed with the diminishing performance, image and credibility of their Ministry. Stop being ego just because you are from `Wisma'. Our great losses of Pulau Batu Putih to Singapore ws a clear indication that Wisma Putra should be totally revamped and reengineered.

Anonymous said...

Information Technology department in Wisma Putra is managed by officers labelled as Pegawai Teknology Maklumat not PTDs. Malaysia losing Pulau batu Putih to Singapore due to a letter by the then Acting Johore State Secretary saying that Johore will not claim the island from the British colonial masters. Please be ashamed yourself before making accusations.

Anonymous said...

The Johorean should be ashamed of themselves!