14 November 2007

Senior civil servants fail to assist in traffic ops

Federal Traffic chief SAC II Hamza Taib  says a new ops will target jaywalkers
Federal Traffic chief SAC II Hamza Taib says a new ops will target jaywalkers

KUALA LUMPUR: Zero reports.

This is the cause of the police unhappiness with the about 250,000 Group A civil servants who were supposed to help them nab traffic offenders during Ops Sikap.

Federal Traffic chief SAC II Hamza Taib said police did not receive any report from them in the recently concluded Ops Sikap XIV for Deepavali.

Only seven reports were received during Hari Raya's Ops Sikap XIII.

The participation of these senior civil servants, who are under the management and professional group, in all Ops Sikap during festive seasons was announced last month.
They can report on offences like queue jumping, overtaking on the double lines and reckless driving by giving their particulars and details of the offences, like the time, date, place and registration number of the vehicle concerned, to the traffic police operation centre.

"We do not know why these civil servants are not keen to help us as the decision was made by the cabinet.

"In fact, there has already been a provision for nearly 10 years or so for them to do so.

In the latest case, circulars were sent, announcements made through the media but alas we have yet to see any positive results.

"We do need their help and it is not a very difficult task at all as they only need to furnish us the relevant information," said Hamza after announcing the report for Ops Sikap XIV at Bukit Aman yesterday.

Hamza said he recently attended a meeting with the Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan where the issue was raised. However, he declined to give details.

Hamza also announced that starting from today, traffic police would launch the Ops Jejantas against jaywalkers.

"Those who flout the rules and endanger themselves and other road users by not using the pedestrian bridge can be fined the maximum RM300," said Hamza, who expressed concern at the number of deaths involving pedestrians.

During Ops Sikap XIV, there were 12 deaths involving pedestrians and during Ops Sikap XIII, it rose to 23.

He also said during the week-long Ops Sikap XIV, there were 91 deaths compared with 147 for the same period last year. Motorcyclists accounted for 49 deaths.

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