17 November 2007

Broom award: Ipoh's turn?


I APPLAUD what Selangor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo did by giving broom awards to two government agencies which did not perform up to expectations.

This will be an eye-opener to the others who think they can just do whatever they like and ignore instructions from the top.

I think other states should emulate what Selangor has done as I know that many more local government agencies are not performing up to expectations.

What is so wrong about giving such awards to local government agencies that don't perform?

Members of parliament should not be over-protective and overly-sensitive in what the MB has done.
In fact, I would like to suggest that the same award be given to MPs who shirk their duties and don't perform up to expectations. There are many who are like that. I am sure they, too, are afraid that they will be given similar "broom awards" should they fail in their duties.

Instead of creating so much noise over a good thing, they should applaud what the menteri besar did and encourage other states to follow suit.

Perak is another state where this kind of treatment should be adopted. Just look at Ipoh city. It does not qualify to be a city when it is so dirty.

Over three years, three flyovers have been built. But what about their maintenance? Not only are they dirty but sand and pebbles are strewn everywhere, causing problems to motorcyclists and motorists.

I would like to suggest to the people of Ipoh to present the Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh with the "broom award" should it not buck up by next year.

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