28 August 2007

Real reason why teachers give tuition

The Star

I REFER to “Keep the pressure up” (The Star, Aug 27). I believe there are two sides to the issue.

Tuition, for what it is worth, is here to stay. As long as there are weak students, there will be a need for tuition or at least a perceived need for tuition.

It all boils down to the real reason behind why teachers give tuition.

Much as teachers give the noble reason that they are offering much needed help and service to the weak students, I feel it is obvious that the majority of teachers give tuition to supplement their income.

At the end of the day, I think teachers have to do some soul searching and ask themselves where their priorities lie.

And if teaching is a dread to them, if they drag their feet into class and do the minimum every day, then please leave the profession and make way for those who are serious about the profession.

For those teachers who have found an ingenious way to survive in this profession by giving tuition and making their enterprise sound very noble, I have this to say – please legitimise your business enterprise outside school!

All I am asking is that teachers do their level best to do the necessary teaching in schools the way they should be teaching. Be as conscientious in schools as they are when giving tuition.

To all dedicated teachers who do continue to serve our children, we salute your commitment!

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