29 March 2007

Pension Plan: PSD must be more forthcoming

Source: NST

29 Mar 2007
G. JOSEPH ,Segamat

I SENT two letters to the director of the Public Service Department dated Jan 18 and Feb 7.

Both letters had two questions: The status of my pension after the letter of confirmation was sent to the PSD on Nov 3 last year by the Segamat Hospital and whether I was eligible to claim travelling allowance as I was referred to the National Heart Institute for treatment.

I also requested for the relevant forms to make my claims.

I was disappointed when I received my registered letter reply card and PSD’s reply card in acknowledgment of receiving my Jan 18 letter, but no reply to my questions.

What would it cost for them to reply or is it too much to ask them questions?

The PSD director gets edgy when complaints appear in the dailies and goes to the extent of calling up the person who complains.

Where do I seek answers regarding my pension and other related issues other than the PSD?

My plea to the PSD is to do the needful for me as soon as possible as I have undergone a bypass operation and am in dire need of a full pension.

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