01 October 2007

Immigration Dept paves way for better service


KUALA LUMPUR: Dealings with the Immigration Department are now breezier due to several measures instituted this month.

Special Task Force To Facilitate Business (Pemudah) member Tan Sri G. Gnanalingam said working permits for expatriates, for instance, had been extended to five and 10 years, as opposed to the previous condition of a maximum of three years.

He said it now only took one week to process the permits and an executive lounge had been set up to serve the applicants.

Additionally, business visas had been extended to six months, compared with three months previously.

Gnanalingam said these were among the improvements in the public delivery system.
“The Immigration Department has done a good job and is among the public sectors that have made a lot of improvements.

“Credit should go to Pemudah chairman Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan who has been pushing for the changes.”

Pemudah is a high-powered 23-member task force handpicked from the public and private sectors to promote faster reform in the country's delivery system and enhance economic activity.

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