04 July 2007

Simply amazed by NRD service

The Star

TO MY surprise, the service at the National Registration Department in Putrajaya was amazing!

My family and I were there to apply for an identity card (IC) for my daughter who had turned 12; change an error on my wife's IC; my son's IC was torn in two; and to change some information on the ICs of my three children.

All the above matters were handled in less than an hour.

In fact, we are very obliged and should say a special thanks to Rashidan, the officer in attendance, who was very helpful. He and some of his colleagues seem to be very committed.

We also wish to thank Director-General Datuk Mohd Abdul Halim Mohamad for his consideration in assisting us on the amendments to my children's ICs.

I think under his leadership there have been lots of changes in the operations of the JPN for the betterment and well being of the public.


Kuala Lumpur.

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