19 September 2008

At least 10 council employees in Selangor must buck up or face action

The Star

KLANG: At least 10 under preforming and uncooperative council employees, including council presidents, have been warned to buck up or face transfer, and even the sack.

The Selangor Government had put the names of the problematic employees in a watch list, said state local government, study and research committee chairman Ronnie Liu.

Those in the list also comprised directors from various divisions in the council such as finance, landscaping and licensing.

He added he had met the council presidents from all 12 districts on Thursday morning.

“I have told them this is the last reminder from the state government. The honeymoon is over. Those on the watch list, better buck up,” he said after attending the 46th anniversary dinner of Klang Market Stall Holders Association on Thursday.

Liu said some of the council presidents had failed to make firm decision on the zoning of areas for local councillors to provide service.

“Other officers went overboard by tearing down places of worship despite a state government directive not to do so. Such attitude will not be tolerated any more,” he said.

Despite the errant workers, Liu said he was impressed with some of the councils for giving prompt and fast service to the public.

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