24 April 2010

Customs Union asks for salary scheme review

KUALA LUMPUR: The Peninsular Malaysia Customs Officers Union (KPKSM) has called on the government to review their service scheme that is alleged to be same as the clerical sector of the public service.

Union president, Ibrahim Ahmad, said this had to be done given the heavier duties and responsibilities on the Customs officers which were greater compared to clerks.

"We do enforcement and are faced by various dangerous risks but our grade scheme is same as clerks who work in air-conditioned offices.

"We want our officers' grade scheme to be raised to be in line with our duties," he told reporters after chairing the union's high level meeting here today.

As example, Ibrahim spoke of Customs officers of grade W17 and W27 who did duty in waters and at borders and were faced with high risks compared with same grade personnel in offices.

He said his union had raised the matter with the Public Service Department but there had been no reply. The union also asked for overtime allowance for officers in the support group.

"They perform enforcement that brings in revenue and we contribute to the country's income, so why is there no overtime allowance," he asked. - Bernama

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