09 October 2007

New positions, promotions for those teaching Form Six

The Star

KUALA LUMPUR: New positions and promotions are in store next year for principals of schools with Form Six classes.

The new positions are for coordinators put in charge of Form Six classes and teachers who will handle co-curricular activities, sources said.

The coordinators would be on two promotional grades – DG44 or DG48 – while the teachers who would only handle co-curricular activities for Form Six classes would be on DG44, they added. The principals would be promoted from DG48 to DG52.

The position of coordinators and teachers handling Form Six co-curricular activities are new positions.

“Teachers are often reluctant to teach Form Six classes because they are examination classes and are much tougher compared with other forms,” they said.

The sources said the Education Ministry was expected to create about 3,000 opportunities for upgrading with these new positions and promotions.

“The ministry is making the teaching of Form Six classes more rewarding because they are tougher,” the said.

National Union of the Teaching Profession secretary-general Lok Yim Pheng said the Government has recognised the difficulty of teaching Form Six classes by offering these opportunities.

“This is a very good move and we fully support it,” she said.

This year, 154,389 students with SPM qualified for entry to Lower Six.

A secondary school principal, who has been on DG48 for the last 10 years, welcomed the news.

“This is long overdue and will certainly motivate everyone to work harder,” he said.

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labview1958 said...

Where to get the circular regarding this? How to apply to teach form six?