12 May 2008

Ministry reviews recent promotion

The Star

PUTRAJAYA: The Education Ministry is reviewing its recent upgrading of Form Six teachers to a higher scale.

During the upgrading exercise, new positions were created for coordinators in charge of Form Six classes and teachers who handled co-curricular activities.

The coordinators were on two promotional grades – DG44 or DG48 – while the teachers who would only handle co-curricular activities for Form Six classes would be on DG44. The principals would be promoted from DG48 to DG52.

The upgrading caused dissatisfaction and frustration among senior teachers, who questioned why administrators and teachers with Form Six classes, were given special treatment.

Many teachers had also wanted the criteria for selection of Form Six teachers to be more specific, saying that only DG41 teachers with at least five years’ experience be given the task.

Education director-general Datuk Alimuddin Mohd Dom said the ministry was taking into consideration the grouses.

“We want to advise those unhappy to be patient for a little while more as the human resources division is in final discussions over the matter,” he said in an interview.

He said the ministry would make an announcement soon.

On another matter, Alimuddin said the Prime Minister would be launching the national level Teachers Day celebration in Malacca next Friday. The theme for this year is Guru Cemerlang Negara Terbilang (Excellent Teachers Create an Outstanding Nation).

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red white said...

What should be specified by the MOE.
1. Academic qualications of form six teacher. Degree, Master & PhD.
2. No. of years teaching form six.
3. No. of years teaching.
All of this should be given a weighted %. Then teachers would not be upset. Do not follow what the HM says.