21 April 2008

Cuepacs proposes interviews

Cuepacs president Omar Osman met the prime minister last week
Cuepacs president Omar Osman met the prime minister last week

KANGAR: The Congress Of Unions Of Employees In The Public And Civil Services (Cuepacs) has proposed an interview test to replace the current efficiency level assessment (PTK) practised in the civil service.

Its president, Omar Osman, said a face-to-face interview may be more effective in evaluating the performance of civil servants, particularly those with seniority.

He said interviews could be implemented for those who were up for promotion.

The government had agreed to do away with the examination format for the PTK.

Speaking after a state-level Cuepacs convention, Omar said the Public Service Department had given Cuepacs until Thursday to gather feedback from its members to make additional recommendations or necessary changes on the matter.
The scrapping of the PTK was among the consensus reached during a meeting between Cuepacs' representatives and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi last Thursday.

Under Cuepacs' plans, support service staff such as drivers and office assistants, would be assessed based on their daily performance.

Higher grade workers such as clerical and administrative staff would be evaluated while undergoing special workshops or training courses.

The government had also agreed to study other requests from Cuepacs: extending the retirement age to between 58 and 60; pensions based on actual years of service; re-introduction of the 10 per cent critical allowance and upgrading of housing allowances.

The government, however, turned down Cuepacs' request for a RM2,000 honorarium payment in lieu of a bonus last year.

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