20 February 2008

Cops rehired on contract as lecturers

KUALA LUMPUR: Almost 300 experienced police officers and staff with a proven track record who are about to retire or have retired have been rehired as lecturers and operational staff on a contractual basis.

Deputy Inspector General of Police Datuk Ismail Omar said 49 of them with the rank of Senior Assistant Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner, Superintendent, Deputy Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent have been hired as lecturers and would be based at the Senior Police Officers College in Cheras and the Police Training Centre (Pulapol) in Jalan Semarak.

"The 240 rank and file personnel rehired will do operational duties as they know what to do. These men will start work immediately,'' he said, adding that another 100 or more officers and staff would be offered such contracts in the next few weeks.

Ismail said the police officers and staff had vast experience in various fields and would help train and impart their knowledge to young police officers and staff.

To a question, Ismail said the force had been receiving requests and letters from retired policemen wanting to come back to serve due to the lucrative offer.

He said they could not accept them as some of them were almost 60 years old while the contract offered stipulates that they must be less than 60 years of age.

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