12 March 2007

Please don’t let Ramli walk alone

Mar 12, 07 1:23pm

I refer to the malaysiakini report ACA whistleblower tells all.

Many Malaysians have been screaming loud and clear to end corruption. Here is a man who has the guts to report his superior for alleged unlawful activities. What is his reward for it? Nothing. He stands to lose his rights to his pension and gratuity.

To those who have had written on corruption, just what are we going to do to help this honest civil administrator? He has been ostracised by his own kind and worse, he now has to pay legal fees to fight a disease we as Malaysians hope to be rid off. He has no friends left.

This is the time that we have to do something to show all civil administrators who are honest that they must do the right thing like Ramli did - report your superiors or lower ranks without fearing that you will be left without support.

Let us also not call them ‘whistleblowers’ - a better name would be Malaysian Heroes. Thus I am hoping that all Malaysians wishing to see that our country is rid of this curse step forward and encourage more heroes like Ramli.

Let us not allow him to suffer alone nor lose out on his rights. I say we start a fund to help him and his family out. Let us see how serious Malaysians are in fighting this evil that has been recurring for years in our midst.

For starters, you can put me down for RM50. I will leave the administration and management of this fund-to-be to your kind selves.

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